Nature Is The Greatest Gift

Look at the deep blue sea
It borrows your sorrows
It gives you the fun
Its beauty enhancing
Under the sun

Look at the roses
They make you want to fly
Their sweet sweet smell
Makes you want to touch the sky
They make you feel like you’re in heaven

Look at the bright bright sun
It absorbs your sadness
Gives you that madness
To be happy all day
Happy all night when the sun’s away

Look at the trees standin’ tall
Spreading the green
The shadow they give
The fruites they give
Look at the beautiful scene

Nature has a lot to give
Its up to you what you want to take
Its up to you what you want to make
Learn from the nature
Live your life with joy
With joy….




Listen to what nature has to say
It says you have to make it
You have to do it your way
You need to do every bit

When you are in trouble
When life seems like a bubble
You have to go through it
There’s no time to sit
And you have to go through it Alone

What you do
What you say
Nobody’s to blame
Nobody’s to clame
Its you and just you , Alone


A Broken Friendship , A Broken Heart

O My Friend
We used to be so happy together
We talked and talked forever
You said you would leave me never
And I believed you

O My Friend
We shared everything
We never fought
I always thought
That we’ll be friends forever
But now….

O My Friend
We had so much fun
Under that sun
But it didn’t take you a second
To forget all that

As I am telling this I am sighing
Why did you leave me in the rain
Why did you leave me in the pain
Why did you leave me crying

Based on true events…

You Are What You Are

God has made you this way
Listen to what he wants to say
You are what you are
You have the power

Paint this world
With your brush of creativity
Fill this world
With you goodies of joy

And if you ever feel
That you’re alone
Watch the rolling stone
You need to just keep going

What is Love? A poem with no rhyme

What is love?
Some say it is sweet
Some say it is pain
Some say it is sorrow
Some say it is fun
Some say it is a weapon
Some say it is a feeling
Some say it is life
Some say it is the clear blue sky
But have you ever made a try
to know what it is?
Look around
Look round and round
Mother bird with her eggs
The clouds complimenting the sun
The Father protecting his son
The Rain that makes the flowers
Go all happy
This is love
This is love